Welcome Kids, Moms and Dads, Grandparents, Caregivers and Teachers!

Welcome to our new educational video channel! Introducing the ” Cool Computer Mice ™” and our presenter ” Harold the Counting Frog™ “. Watch Harold the Counting Frog and the Cool Computer Mice as they help you learn to count from one to ten. You will be counting 1-10 in no time as Harold guides you through the engaging “Count the Computer Mice” story book. We will be creating and uploading more Cool Computer Mice videos soon, so please come back often and subscribe to our channel. The video is best viewed on a large screen, in full-screen mode, in HD, but looks good on a smaller screen too. Enjoy the video!

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English as a Second Language teachers – this video is a great ESL tool too. The “Closed Caption” (CC) feature is available to provide that auditory to written-word association component that is so important to learning a new language – not to mention the obvious value for hearing-impaired students/kids, parents and educators. Thanks for visiting our website!

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